How do you know it is working for You?

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When you are receiving a message from someone whom you know very well, you might think that you are unnecessarily imaging things and making yourself happy or unhappy over the message. One thing that I can tell you, is to write down in a piece of paper and keep it when you get instinctive thoughts and later on you can test it if you happened to get a chance or purposely make it happen and test it between the two people. I have seen that some lovers live their love life like this for a long time till they settle their other problems before they get together.

How do you receive your telepathic Messages?

Supposing you are going for a walk or you do not have any other distractions, you will get some thoughts about your affairs, if someone whom you very talking about you will get their discussion about you. Say for example if you son or daughter constantly arguing with you, and that has affected you a lot but the argument was over, may be the same day or on another you get some thoughts as if his or her partner will be advising your son or daughter that they should not argue with you. Now their discussion has been transferred to you by clairvoyant communication, so you could test it when you meet them the next time from the way they behave with you. Some people get these telepathic communications naturally, may be others are not aware of it.

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