Can you stop Telepathic Messaging?

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How to practice Telepathy?

Firstly, you have to understand what telepathy means, then relax your body. If there is any concentration on your physical body, difficult to control your mind, for this meditation will be helpful. The sender and the receiver of the mind should totally agree to trust telepathy, have open and relaxed minds.

Then there shouldn’t be any physical distraction because if you concentrate on your body you cannot concentrate on your mind. If the receiver is in some discussion or in some argument with some on it will not work. You have to visualize the person that you are going to send the message to and sit opposite to each other. Feeling and passion to learn will help you to transfer the message quickly and will be clear we well.

Now connect your mind with your partner and belief that your message is to going to be sent. Now your mental stage is charged up, be ready to transfer the message to the receiver. When the receiver receives the message, write it down immediately and then compare the messages. If you have received the same message that the sender was trying to send you, you can go on to try the advanced stages. If you have received the message from the sender, relax your mind for some time and have the process of meditation, then try again. Likewise, we have seen enough times in our life the two people sitting next to each other, saying the same thing at the same time that is called the telepathic transfer of messages.

Can you stop Telepathy communication?

You have been communicating with this person, and your mind is trained to receive messages, a sudden change will not be possible completely. But, if you keep yourself distracted all the time, and remember to change your mind when the thought comes to your mind, as you get automatically drawn into it.

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