How do you learn to use Telepathic Messaging?

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If you have a peaceful mind and in a relaxed state of your mind, you can get the relaxation through meditation. And if you are interested in receiving messages, and sending telepathic communications. It also helps you to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary thoughts, and do not try to convince other people who doesn’t believe in it. Once your belief and you can receive message telepathically, you have to keep that to yourself and do not allow other people to convince you with their disbelief. If you really want to practice, close eyes and imagine that you are speaking to the personal over the phone aa or speaking to the person in person the message will go to the person whom do you want to send the message. Having said all these, I know a friend of mine who has the telepathic gift and she also knew what is going to happen in future with whatever she thinks about it. Maintain open mind to get good results and you will not get good results with close minds.

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