How to send a mental message to someone?

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Transferring thoughts Is it real?
Transferring thoughts to another person, without physical contact, is called the mind communication between two minds and until 2014 many people were sceptical about it, after Harvard University did the research, and declared it could be proved scientifically and also said mind communication, that is telepathy is real, and the people are willing to know about it.
It is possible to send the mental message quickly to people starts with realising that thought create energy levels, for, e.g., if someone walks into a room full of people with a negative mind-set, the people pick up the negative energy. If another person walks into the room with a positive mind-set, it will create positive energy in the chamber, may be by body language, even if the body language is suspect able still the people in the room can pick it up. Thoughts exist in our minds and outside our bodies; the thoughts we have influence around us, as well. You got to have a clear mind to send someone a mental message if the mind is cloudy it weakens the thoughts.

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The heart is more powerful electrically and magnetically than the brain, there are lots of stories about telepathy between the mother and the child, if anything happens to the child the mother will know that incident immediately because they communicate with each other constantly, and it is the mental instinct for parents. Mothers have unconditional love for the children so, there is an ongoing telepathy. If there is heart connection between two people, it is easier to send a mental message.
The spiritual message cannot send if not invited when two people are in love their minds are open to receive messages. Our brains are receivers and transmitters when two people are waiting for each others call; a telepathic message is receivable from a long distance. You have to listen before you speak and when we are silent we become more receptive to thought frequencies, which gets transmitted to you, and also, you will have the power to communicate your ideas. And you can do this when there is heart connection that is the invitation.
Security forces use this method if someone wants to stab another person in the back, do not stare at their back as they will turn around soon to look.

First, you think about that person, look at their photo and feel that their image gets imprinted on your mind. Then rub your hands, hold it apart and bring close together, and say the name of the person that you wish to contact and get into her thought patterns and then you can connect your mind. But you will know whether the person is accepting it or not, if you feel the acceptance then send your message, mind touching the mind. Extended mind- This is the mind beyond brains.

Sending Love to Another Person

Some people when they are lying on the bed, they will think about the person of their love, and imagine that the individual is near them and imprint their personality in their mind and starts to talk to them that way also the message is sent to them. The two people who are in love with each other will find it easy to send the love message between them, this way if one of them is with some difficulty, the message they receive from the other person will help to heal them. You will need to be intuitive and sensitive to the receiving person. Some couples use this method to send the message on a regular basis especially when they are in stressful situations. This process works on a subconscious level, side-stepping the conscious mind of the receiver if the receiver doesnt seem to accept it, stop it for the time being and try all over again.
By these ways, you can try and win the hearts of the people whom you want have intimate connections.

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