Mental Telepathy

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Mental Telepathy
If you want to send a mental message or telepathic message to someone, close your eyes, and visualise the person, and think of that person, and send your message, then wait for the answer, you might not get it immediately, but wait for the message. This also helps you to send a mental message to whom you love, you can test, and send the message, say for example send a mental message asking him or her to call you and wait for the answer, this is a heart to heart communication, this is good for a person who have a strong connection with you.
Psychic Powers
Many of us are psychic and the power as well, but we might not know about, if we really want to find out about that power and enhance we need to practice it. A psychic is a person who can communicate spontaneous information about you, your life and about your relationships and the future. If you want to sees a psychic reader, you have to have proper investigations about him or her before the consultation.

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