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Telepathic Message

Telepathic Message

| April 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

Do you want to know how to connect with your soul mate, without using your five senses, or spending any money?

What is telepathic Message?

It is a communication between two minds without physical awareness, and it is a direct exchange of thoughts and is also called thought transference, thought reading. Communication between two minds by some no technological means cannot be understood by the scientific researchers. A friend of mine is having a love affair but they couldn’t get close to each other for years, but they were aware of each other’s feelings for years because of telepathy. Their affair went on for years with the trust between them for years, because of telepathic communications. Every one of us is born with the telepathic gift but we are not aware of it and also we don’t want to accept it. when two people are in love with each other and they had to move away from each other for some reason or the other, and if they think about each other and worry too much, it will automatically ruin the other person who is not worried about the situation. This is the effect of telepathy, receiving and sending messages from another person over a distance without seeing, using one of the five senses. This can go on for years until they get together. It is possible to have this type of communication with anyone with whom you have a close relationship.

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